Apply now for a Chinese Group Visa

Apply now for your Chinese Group Visa in three simple steps:

  1. Download our application pack
  2. Our China Visa Specialists pre-check all documents for accuracy and submit on your behalf. You do not need to make a personal appearance.
  3. Payment & Confirmation – Once approved, we will provide you with confirmation of the issued visa. You must take this with you when you travel – border checks will be done on-arrival.*
Total Fee (10 working days processing)


What documents are required for a group visa application?

Please note: group visas are issued by the State Council in China.

Documents to be required for independent travellerfamily unitstour operators or school trips:

  1. Colour photocopy of the passport photo page for each applicant
  2. Passport size photo for each applicant
  3. Copy of the travel itinerary for each traveller showing flight details and hotel reservation for the duration of your trip
  4. A list of all travellers in the group
Documents to be required for Chinese Group Visa Application regarding SCHOOL Trips:
  1. Colour photocopy of the passport photo page for each applicant
  2. Passport size photo for each applicant
  3. Flight confirmation for each traveller (inbound and outbound)
  4. Chinese school accommodation or home stay of Chinese family (A confirmation of letter from the Chinese school as an organiser)
  5. A list of all travellers of the group – at least one adult (aged over 18) must be listed


  • Once the group visa application has been approved in China, we will return the authorised documents to you. Please take these with you when you travel as they will be required upon entry into China.
  • However early your group visa application is requested, the original authorised Group Visa Form will arrive at your hand between 3-4 days ahead of your departure date, according to your flight schedule provided.
  • A Chinese Group Visa is usually valid at 30 days from the date of issue, but all members of the group can only stay in mainland China for up to 20 days.
  • All applicants must apply for a Chinese Group Visa at least 6 weeks ahead of departing for mainland China.
  • If your party joins an international cruise ship in China or are calling at a Chinese port (excluding a domestic cruise ship), unfortunately you will NOT qualify for Chinese Group Visa application.
Total Fee (10 working days processing)



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  • Payable by Cheque, PayPal or Postal Order.
  • Cheques payable to China Travel Visas Ltd.

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